Veggie 'wiches

  1. Pure Veggie

    Pure Veggie


    Pure Veggie Sandwich Learn More
  2. Pure Veggie

    Pure Veggie


    avocado, tomato, cucumber, marinated red cabbage, spinach, carrots, romaine, cherry peppers, honey mustard on whole wheat Learn More
  3. The Veggie

    The Veggie


    tomato, avocado, romaine, cheddar, sweet potato fries, red onion, cherry peppers, lowfat cream cheese, mayonnaise on multigrain Learn More
  4. Egg Salad

    Egg Salad


    cage-free eggs, scallions, and garlic infused aioli with baby spinach, red onion and sun dried tomato pesto on rustic white bread Learn More
  5. Mediterranean Grace

    Mediterranean Grace


    roasted garlic hummus, spring greens, cucumber, house marinated red pepper, red onion, spicy cherry peppers, fried onions on a lavash wrap Learn More
  6. Grilled Three Cheese

    Grilled Three Cheese


    provolone, cheddar & white american melted on toasted sourdough Learn More
  7. The Elvis

    The Elvis


    peanut butter, honey and banana, topped with cinnamon sugar on pressed rustic white bread Learn More

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